Q.| What does the STANDARD PREDICTOR scoring system provide for the user?

A.| Probability or percentile with a cut-off between violent and nonviolent prone for both youth and adults. 

Q.| What information on the Ammons Quick Test is provided?

A.| I.Q. score, percentile and cut-off between delayed and normal on receptive vocabulary or communication skills for both youth and adults.

Q.| What information on the Beck Suicide Ideation Scale is given?

A.| Percentile and cut-off on suicidal potential for both youth and adults.

Q.| What information on the Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices is provided?

A.| I.Q score, percentile and cut-off between delayed and normal on problem solving for both youth and adults.

Q.| Who can take the STANDARD PREDICTOR?

A.| Children as young as 10 and adults to age 90+.  Some computer familiarity is needed. Care should be taken that item pictures and puzzles are seen and that the place for testing is clear of noise and distraction.

Q.| Who can use the STANDARD PREDICTOR?

A.| Anyone with at least a master’s degree in psychology or equivalent, or working under supervision of a person with that level of training.

Q.| How does the STANDARD PREDICTOR work?

A.| Scoring is automatic, online, and instantaneous after the test is finished.

Q.| Can the STANDARD PREDICTOR be administered to groups?

A.| As long as each client has access to their own computer and each client is verified by the administrator as the person that is supposed to be taking the tests.  There are virtually no limits on test use traffic to the site.

Q.| Why use the STANDARD PREDICTOR when there are other tests or ways to evaluate a person?

A.| Assume accuracy is 1.00. Other risk tests have an accuracy of between .60-.76 missing .24 to .40 at-risk individuals. The sensitivity and the specificity of the STANDARD PREDICTOR is unparalleled . 

Q.| Is the STANDARD PREDICTOR cost beneficial and effective?

A.| The return on investment (ROI) goes from 2 to 323 for every dollar spent (Court 2-20, Hospital 9-323, Infrastructure 10-110, Academic/ Sports  2-323 Research/ Insurance 2-10).

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