Review of Literature on testing

Can Violent (Re)Offense Be Predicted?pdf

Zagar, R. J., Busch, K. G., Grove, W. M., & Hughes, J. R. (2009c) Can violent (re)offense be predicted? A review of the role of the clinician and use of actuarial tests in light of new data. Psychological Reports, 104, 247-277.

Resources of  Validity

pdfViolence Risk Appraisal of Male and Female Youth, Adults and Individuals

Zagar. R. J., Kovach, J., Basile, B. B., Hughes, J. R., Grove, W. M., Busch, K. G., Zablocki, M., Osnowitz, W. Neuhengen, J., & Liu, Y. Finding workers, offenders, or students most at risk for violence: Actuarial tests save lives and resources. Psychological Reports, 113, 1-32.

Instant Internet Based Tests Can Prevent Liability by Identifying Riskpdf

Standardization of Test

Violence Risk Appraisal of Male and Female Youth Adults and Individualspdf

Zagar, R. J., & Grove, W. M. (2010) Violence risk appraisal of male and female youth, adults, and individuals. Psychological Reports, 107, 983-1009.   

Court/Prison, Emergency Room/Clinic, Human Resource Applications/ Cost Benefit/ Cost Effectiveness

Finding High Risk Personspdf

Zagar, R.J. (2014). Safeguarding Organizations by Finding the “Outlier” with Internet Sensitive and Specific Recruit and Fitness for Duty Tests, Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) and The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP), Denver, Colorado, April 8. Accessed at:



Standard Predictor Test
pdfZagar, R.J. (2017) May/June issue of Viewpoint. Proponent of Internet tests contends they eliminate bias.

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