The Standard Predictor has the best sensitivity and specificity of any instrument measuring violence potential….This is noteworthy because most tests in the literature attempting to predict criminal recidivism or “return to court” have success rates from 70 to 80%. (Listening to Killers, 2016, page 262).

Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology at Loyola University James Garbarino and author of 20 books on abuse and violence.

“The Standard Predictor compared to conventional approaches has an exceptional hit rate. One would be better flipping a coin than using current ways which have a miss rate is 3 out of 5 cases. The risk tests have an above average rate. This is 3 out of 4 cases. But the miss rate is 1 out of 4 persons. “

Joseph Kovach PsyD
Chair, Psychology Department, Calumet College of Saint Joseph, Whiting, Indiana

“The Standard Predictor and the research behind it is amazing.”

Bruce Perry MD PhD
Child Trauma Academy, Houston Texas

“The Standard Predictor can help me in many different cases that I have before a variety of different courts and judges.”

Sara Flynn
Forensic Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida

 “In forensic psychiatry the Standard Predictor has unparalleled accuracy and precision for the assessment of violence risk. It is easy to use with instant results.”

Kenneth G. Busch MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist, Former President Chicago Medical Society, Past President Illinois Psychiatric Society

“For the Standard Predictor of Violence Potential Adult or Adolescent Versions, the True Positives are high sensitivity. The True Negatives are way above an expected specificity.”

Julia Quinn Dempsey
Retired Associate Cook County Circuit Court Judge

“The normal sensitive is above an expected outcome. Use of The internet-based Standard Predictor will result in less violence, namely fewer mass murders, homicides, and suicides or victims The validity of this test for identification of unique risk factors among adults and adolescents gives administrators more options to save lives and lower costs proactively because the prediction of violence, especially homicide and pedophilia, is practical, reliable, and valid.”

Neurologist John Russell Hughes, MD, PhD DSc (Oxon)
Director EEG Laboratory, University of Illinois Health Sciences Center

“The Standard Predictor is at or above the standard-of-care compared with current ways. Knowing the risks of insured persons allows agency managers to calculate reserves for accidents and other risks.Internet-based tests are consistent with a lowering of risk and consonant with giving decision makers opportunity to make precise fund allocations for risk. Internet based tests allow doing something about the unknown risks.”

Steve Tippins, PhD
College of Management and Technoloogy, Walden University

“There is no better measure of abuse and violence potential than the Standard Predictor.”

Steve Trubow
Olympia Laboratories, Seattle, Washington

“If you employ, contract with or give scholarships to individuals as part of your work, you should become aware of the Standard Predictor. When we do any of the above, we put our organization at risk if they behave badly. The Standard Predictor can help us lower that risk dramatically. It can predict with high accuracy the potential for deviant behavior. Use the Standard Predictor and sleep at night.”

Clinical Psychologist Robert Kaufman, Ph.D

“Do you really know the person sitting across from you who has just been interviewed for a position with your organization? With unparalleled accuracy the Standard Predictor helps describe the person and aides in minimizing the risk while maximizing the potential of all those sports organizations (college and professional), governmental agencies, and health institutions, who use it. The test goes right to the heart of an individual taking the test and points out any negative traits. Thus the Standard Predictor test can save any of these organizations embarrassment.”

David Wallgren
Coach and Sports Counselor

“Computerized internet tests are a good thing for assessing seminarians.”

Bishop Thomas Paprocki
Springfield, IL

“I found it fascinating and persuasive.”

President of the U.S. Bill Clinton